Stevie Richards Talks About Steroids & Wrestling, DDP’s Yoga, and More

2 Jul

Stevie Richards was recently interviewed by W.H.I.P. Here are a few highlights from the interview.

Comparing ECW’s style to Extreme Rising: “I hope Extreme Rising is more wrestling. I like to hopefully think it is more along the lines of what Ring of Honor is doing. There is hardly any wrestling on TV today. There is like an hour and 45 minutes of talking and maybe 15 minutes of wrestling. I hope we can reverse that trend which shows you can come out and see. I’m against on any of these shows like Extreme Reunion… I’m against people cutting promos, angles, great 2 and half hours of wrestling. Not 4 and half hours, even I was falling asleep at the end of the show.”

On the importance of staying fit and healthy in professional wrestling: “In the seminars that I do, I like to not only get them in the ring and teach them. I like to take them through a workout, like a real workout. Let’s go to the gym, let’s all train, let’s learn how to live this thing if you’re really serious about it. If you have to wear a t-shirt and jeans in the ring, you’re not a wrestler. You’re not an athlete. If you have to cover up your body when you wrestle, you’re not an athlete. And I think I’m out of shape. I think I’m fat. I always tell my friends, ‘oh my god, I don’t even want to take my shirt off, I’m embarrassed.’ And then you look at some of the other guys, and it’s like ‘wow, you should put a shirt on. You look horrible.’”

On steroids in sports: “I’m a Libertarian, so I really believe that anyone can do what they want as long as they don’t hurt other people. But we live in a different time; business is regulated as far as it comes to sports. I don’t have a personal stance. To the guys that do it, I don’t know. I don’t ask. I have two eyes just like you guys. You look at somebody and you can kind of tell with most people. If they say no to steroids, more than likely they’re on growth. (Laughs) Here is the follow up question, what about HGH? What about growth? as you can visit this url and check it. I’m under the notion that growth, something I have never done, the jury is still out. There’s not twenty years of study to see what the damage of HGH is. I refuse to activate cancer cells by using HGH as well, and have my parents losing their child. If I could control that, why would I do that?”

On the popularity of DDP YOGA amongst wrestlers: “People are talking about it. Jericho is doing it; Mick Foley might be just talking about it. Mick should do it; he has put his body through more hell than anybody else. Page is just inspirational. It’s marketing sure, but it’s real. Page has given that program to more people than anybody I know. Obviously he wants to create a brand and market his product, but at the core, he is really helping people. He has been touting this ever since he left WWE. This inspired me to create my own workout program with SRX training. I’ve actually been doing DDP yoga for 5 or 6 weeks and even next to Justin Credible as he was passed out during Extreme Reunion.”

Advertisements CEO admits selling steroids online

19 Apr

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The founder of an online fitness and bodybuilding company in Idaho pleaded guilty Monday to illegally selling misbranded dietary supplements that contained steroids, according to federal

DeLuca, 34, acknowledged the five products — I Force Methadrol, Nutra Costal D-Stianozol, I Force Dymethazine, Rage RV5 and Genetic Edge Technologies SUS500 — were drugs sold improperly under the label of “dietary supplements.”

“DeLuca acknowledged at the plea hearing that as’s CEO, he was responsible for’s sales of misbranded products,” prosecutors said in a statement.

The company generated $1.8 million through the first seven and a half months of 2009 from the falsely labeled products and other similar substances, according to court records.

Each of the five misdemeanor violations of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act carries up to a year in prison, but in the plea bargain, prosecutors are recommending probation.

Federal officials raided the company’s headquarters in 2009 following a two-year investigation that involved a special agent for the FDA buying 23 products from the company that tested positive for anabolic steroids.

Many of the products were neither safe nor legal and by selling them, the company was “misleading, defrauding and endangering its customers,” according to the agent.

The FDA cited reports that men between 22 and 55 who had used such products have suffered liver problems, stroke, kidney failure and blockage of an artery in the lung, called a pulmonary embolism.

A company spokesman said the organization had not been manufacturing the products in question.

DeLuca will be sentenced in a U.S. District Court in Boise on June 20.

Bodybuilding Motivation: Remember that impossible is nothing!

28 Feb

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.” ― Muhammad Ali

Hygetropin (Human Growth Hormone)

28 Feb

Several researchers have figured one of the main factors behind ageing is the decrease of human growth hormone growth hormone creation. Based on Dr. Ronald Klatz, M.D., President of the American Academy associated with Anti-Aging Treatments, “Ageing seems to be because of mainly towards the radical decline regarding human hgh by the body processes following maturity”

Based on growth hormone hgh study, when he was Twenty one, the normal amount of going around hgh is approximately 12 mg per decilitre regarding blood, however when he was Sixty one, it is reduced Eighty% to simply Two milligrams. It is said it is human hgh that grows the cells, our your bone tissues, muscle groups, and internal bodily areas, which is the degree of growth hormones right immediately soon just once age 25 in which gradually sucks all of us all of our own youth.

Following age 25, the actual secretion price associated with growth hormone drops14% for each decade. Simply by simply 70, many people hardly generate adequate growth hormone to construct a or even, outlining the key reason so how come injuries experienced by seniors take way too long so that you can cure.

Growth hormone growth hormone research Clinical Studies
The newest England Diary of drugs printed the clinical findings associated with Daniel Rudman, Maryland, regarding his / her hgh hgh investigation on the anti-aging results of hgh. Their conclusions were unbelievable.

Medical professional.. Rudman analyzed sufferers age group Sixty one so that you can 81 on the Medical University associated with Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Right immediately soon just once 6 months, Doctor. Rudman noticed a reversal of growing older through 10-20 many decades inside patients who received hgh injection therapy. However in the handle team (those who did not receive hgh), the standard maturing continued.

Additional human growth hormone hygetropin for sale research studies performed in the last 3 decades have demonstrated that human growth hormone enables customers to reduce fats, develop muscles, improve sexual performance, get rid of wrinkles, remove fatty tissue, and also boost defense function when taken via intra-muscular injections. Growth hormone is exactly what you could look at a “master hormone” which is secreted through the anterior pituitary gland and is also in charge of directly as well as in a roundabout way controlling the body’s essential growth growth hormone.

What Are Steroids?

29 Nov

steroids for saleSteroids have long had a terrible reputation in our society as performance enhancement drugs. They are often the main attraction along with various expert sports athletes and even sometimes associated with characters or university sports athletes. There is always a generate in our community to be better and to do more. For many having an advantage comes at the price of getting these kinds of items. Given can help to present a individual more muscles, decrease fat, and even help your shape to be able to restore from incidents in less time.

What many people never recognize though is that steroids are also given by pharmaceutical drug to help with a wide range of different health issues. For example when a individual is dealing with certain kinds of many forms of cancer they may be given steroids to help enhance their immunity process. Given have been fresh in the attack against HIV and even to help cure your shape illness known as Anemia. Sometimes steroids are given after surgery treatment to help decrease the chance of someone experiencing an illness afterwards.

When steroids are given for specialist reasons they are regarded to be appropriate. That is if they are being used as recommended. It is never appropriate to use given that have been recommended for someone else. Some researchers have been under analysis too for composing solutions for given for those that really do not have a specialist need for them.
To help prevent the use of given in athletics the use of essential medication examining has become a huge piece of these applications. There are dues and headgear for those that are discovered to have a beneficial medication examine. Even in the world of weight training the use of given can not be discovered in a medication examine for a contestant to be able to take piece in the rivalry. Actually, there is a pretty good possibility that the person is using given. They have just finished their period soon enough to get a fresh medication examine.

Steroids are designed from natural items in your shape such as Androgen hormone or testosterone. Steroids for sale are provided in a wide range of varieties. The most common method of using them requires having the product shot into various muscles parts of your shape. Other varieties of given include products and dust items.

The amount of the products that someone uses will depend on their age, their weight, their overall wellness, and any other drugs they are taking. When given are used for improving muscles they may be loaded with others to help get the overall advantages. Putting of anabolic steroid can be very complicated as a individual has to adhere to a demanding program. They also have to properly evaluate what to take to make the bunch the most effective.

It is important to realize that a individual can become dependent to the use of given. Some persons even start to take a period on their own when instructors have them off of the products due to their need to carry on it. The real and mental drive for the given can confirm to be too much for the customer to stay away from.

Steroids can also cause serious wellness issues due to the negative results. How a individual acts though can differ. Some persons never have unwanted issues with given but others experience from considerable feelings changes, changes in their libido, and they may build serious wellness issues which include center, renal system, or liver organ harm.